Listed Building Consent, Planning Change of Use Consent and Building Warrant Applications

An Architectural “insertion” of free-standing, two storey accommodation within an existing B Listed Church auditorium in Edinburgh’s Gayfield Street.  The client, K Two Products, a stationery design office, required a rationalisation of their working practice and minimisation of the visual clutter resultant of their design process and to achieve peak commercial use of their new premises.

Conceptually the “insertion” is conceived as a timber storage box, a piece of furniture, openable and inhabitable and utilised internally as a meeting room at ground floor with large storage spaces.  The mezzanine houses the 6 strong design team, the heart of K Two’s business affording them isolation yet maintaining their connection to the rest of the office.  Designed in a contemporary style it compliments the elegant nature of the existing interior by remaining simple and uncluttered.

Structurally designed as a timber frame with a single steel support, the depth of the walls are  used for storage and shelving, maximizing every millimetre of built space and allowing the existing building to remain as free of clutter and furniture as possible.  Clad in timber panels and detailed to appear “floating” off the floor, the insertion appears as a piece of furniture, more lightweight and distinct from the existing building.

In eroding the corner of the insertion with full height glazing and repeating the openings above in the use of a long glazed unit to minimise the visual height of the upper level, the insertion meets the fine balance between the need for natural light in the meeting room and the requirement to provide intimacy, privacy and acoustic separation from the main office space.

This project has achieved the best solution for K Two Products which enhances the beauty and openness of the existing building.  In designing this “insertion” Gayfield Street will provide a long term, permanent home for K Two Products which will match their contemporary design ethos in an architectural expression.